Are you https yet? Things are changing by July 2018


Are you https yet? Things are changing by July 2018

So https is a big thing in regards to website security and a favourable position in the boiling pot of google SEO.

Google will be updating their widely used web browser Chrome in July 2018 to make it even more obvious sites are not secure. So now is the time to ensure you have the green padlock next to your domain.

This may leave you several questions on why you need an SSL certificate and how you can achieve https on your domain name.

What is https?

Lets start with http which stands for Hypertext transfer protocol which for years has been how website pages have been displayed to you and me. The introduction of the “S” stands for “Secure” and has been around for a while on most sites which require a an encrypted login for transactions. You may have seen https on banking websites and sites where you can purchase items.

When your site uses http you are transferring your information by plain text which any of todays hackers can see and manipulate.

What is the risk?

Firstly it makes it a lot more difficult for hackers and bad people to access your site.

Google has already started identifying websites which are not secure really clearly in the url bar. By July 2018 Google Chrome will want all sites to be https by default, meaning they will identify the sites who have not changed over which may deter visitors to your site.

A post from Search Engine Land explains what could be happening click here to read. The register has also in the last month or so released a post on the shaming of sites who do not follow the security tend, read it here.

Why its good for you

Heres the low down; https is created by obtaining an SSL certificate, these are a collection of small data files which latch on digitally with a cryptographic key and is connected to your organisations details. This in turn activates the lovely green padlock you see in your web browser’s url field.

With so much wireless internet activity in our times it is vital that communication is not intercepted by prying eyes so https serves as a strong way to deter this. This becomes hugely important when you use shared and public wireless connections.

Need help with your site’s https?

We at Sorbrook are happy to talk to you about ways to convert to https and we will be converting all of our clients sites over to https for free before July 2018.