2nd April 2019 sshepherd


Autodidactism – What an amazing word and one that is becoming more of a recognised thing in today’s business world.

So how is it pronounced?

Well, some people pronounce the word:  Auto – did – act – ism

and others pronounce it: Auto – died – act -ism

The latter being the more Americanised version, though they mean the same thing.

What does it mean?

It basically means self-taught or self-educated and in today’s realms of software, design and technology things move so fast need autodidactism.

Skills that you gather year on year without a training course or an educator are achieved autodidactically.

Why are we talking about Autodidactism?

As designers, developers, programmers and generally anything to do with technology, there doesn’t tend to be a training course for 60% of our work.

We are inquisitive types and autodidactism comes naturally to us to progress and find the most efficient way to solve problems.

I personally think that education maybe needs to evolve to provide a better foundation for solving problems and research. The focus on how to complete e-learning courses and challenge students to find new skills online should be prioritised.

My work is achieved with a huge amount of autodidactism and my education provided some sort of foundation. This foundation was also backed up by early life experiences to create that inquisitive mind needed to keep up with today’s ever-changing needs.

Learn more, be an Autodidact.

This video provides lots of ideas and explains Autodidactism



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