Becoming a featured supplier


Becoming a featured supplier

About 2 months ago I was asked to be a featured supplier on their website to promote their services in a more personal way, this company is a company I have used since 2002 for all my domain needs.

little did I know there would be in a few months time a picture of me on one of their high traffic pages where they provide email services, so is this going to help my business?

Well the feature was live on the 5th March and judging by my analytics this tripled my visitor rate for that month, though in our nature of business this is difficult to quantify. As a rule I have never engaged in general advertising of my business since day one and this has worked well for me but should this change my mind and push me towards making a play for more features?

To be honest I think this is the only sort of advertising I like as it shows that being a featured supplier they appreciate your custom and recognise that you are a decent business for them to associate with.

See my 15 minute of fame here – www.123-reg.co.uk/email-hosting/

Thinking a bit more deeply into this I guess this is very much like when I use my clients work to show what I have created, though it is very different in how the marketing is activated. In a way i am selling myself as the featured supplier of the work which has been created.