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Facebook “Like Box” is due to disappear!

I have seen and created sites which utilise the Facebook “Like Box” to engage with people on a website to urge people to like a Facebook page. If used well these can not only display your number of likes and faces of the people that like your page but they also can display your post feed and tell you if any of your friends like the page also. Well The Facebook Like Box is about to be no more! With the release of Facebook Graph APi v2.3 the Like Box plugin will become deprecated and thousands if not millions of websites around the world will end up with a blank […]

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New Business 1 – Brand the new venture

You have a fantastic idea for a new business which will fill that gap in the market and put your product, service or idea on the map. So how do you start? Most ideas will start with a plan and most of the time a logo or an idea of a brand style. This should not be taken lightly and time should be taken to research, develop and market test your branding as this is going to be what represents your business throughout the years to come. What will I need to start with? Well firstly a well designed logo is key to appeal to your market and reflect your […]

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New business 2 – The Logo… Some Golden rules

So you have some fantastic ideas for your new business and now you need to create a new image in the form of a corporate brand. This needs to be individual to your new company and reflect what your organisation stands for, here are 5 golden rules to follow for a fantastic logo. Use your logo in the same way on all things – be¬†consistent, this shows professionalism and creates brand recognition. Typography is cool – Use it wisely and be careful when selecting your fonts. Most successful companies have embraced a typeface and can be recognised by this. Use real colours and don’t be tempted to use to many […]

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New business 3 – Company stationery… what do I need?

Business cards are an essential printed item for your business, but make sure your design is perfect before ordering hundreds of them, as there is nothing worse than having a huge stock of cards which you feel are not quite right. There are lots of websites out there who will offer you cheap or free cards but just be aware there is always a catch and these don’t often become clear until you want to reorder or obtain the artwork from them. Letter Headed Paper, Unless you need to print hundreds of letters I would say there is no real reason to have stacks of specific Letter headed paper, I […]

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