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Creating for the Hotel Industry

What a year it has been so far! Late last year we were lucky enough to secure 3 website design requests from some amazing hotels around the country, which I personally thought was fantastic for our growing business and gives Sorbrook some vital creative and technical ability to offer the same service to other Hotels, B&B’s and Holiday homes. With these new clients we have not only created brand and webdesign but we have had to integrate booking systems, all three of which opted for the Freetobook platform initially. This was our first encounter with Freetobook and after connecting with them on social networks and exchanging emails they have now […]

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From Dinning Table to New Office – Stepping up in Business

The 2nd of September saw a massive change for Sorbrook since 2011 when I started the business. The time has come to move forward from my small corner of the dinning room with all its creature comforts of home and becoming a real company, with a real  new office, real working hours and a new focus on business. Now on day 3 of being within my new office, things seem strange and I am trying to come to terms with the differences of what I came to know as the norm when working from home. The regular distractions of home have now gone and work is easier to concentrate on […]

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