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New Tax Year – WordPress Cleanup, WordPress Support

The new tax year is almost here so as well as getting your finances sorted it is also a great time once the dust has settled to take a look at your WordPress website. House Keeping Its time to brush off those cobwebs and start making those updates to plugins, themes and the all important WordPress platform update. These can sometimes be daunting but if you take the right precautions these will be done in a snap. Updates are extremely important when it comes to WordPress as the code is open source which means it is open to everyone to develop with. Though there are millions of super stars out […]

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Are you https yet? Things are changing by July 2018

So https is a big thing in regards to website security and a favourable position in the boiling pot of google SEO. Google will be updating their widely used web browser Chrome in July 2018 to make it even more obvious sites are not secure. So now is the time to ensure you have the green padlock next to your domain. This may leave you several questions on why you need an SSL certificate and how you can achieve https on your domain name. What is https? Lets start with http which stands for Hypertext transfer protocol which for years has been how website pages have been displayed to you […]

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WordPress Security

WordPress Hacking Woes…

After starting my business in December 2010 the rise of general Hacking trying to infiltrate the standard WordPress CMS has grown exponentially. We all keep a lot of information and personal work within our websites so when it has been hacked it is heart breaking. I am always asked by clients “why would someone do this to me?” Well the main reason for a hack is normally to gain access to your information and in some cases to redirect your site to somewhere they feel will gain them money through advertising. Though I have encountered some hackers who just want recognition for their work which seems to be a breed that […]

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