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Windows 10 is coming

Windows 10 the new operating system from Microsoft is being released at the end of next month – 29th July To remind you of this if you are running Windows 7 or 8.1 you will find a windows icon in your tool box (bottom right of your screen) offering the Free upgrade to Windows 10 when it becomes available. So as a small business do I take the plunge head first into a new operating system? Or should I bide my time and await feedback from the wider public on release? I personally loved Windows XP and when Windows Vista came a long and I jumped right in. At that […]

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Becoming a featured supplier

About 2 months ago I was asked to be a featured supplier on their website to promote their services in a more personal way, this company is a company I have used since 2002 for all my domain needs. little did I know there would be in a few months time a picture of me on one of their high traffic pages where they provide email services, so is this going to help my business? Well the feature was live on the 5th March and judging by my analytics this tripled my visitor rate for that month, though in our nature of business this is difficult to quantify. As a rule […]

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Pinterest…The next big thing for 2012

Well according to some this has been around since 2006 and has had a steady following until early last year when interest (or Pinterest) for the site started to explode and by early this year Pinterest was looking down the barrel of over 10 million unique visitors in US. To read more information about this follow the link below: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/07/pinterest-monthly-uniques/ Now this is breaking records for the speed that an individual site has broken the 10 million mark but what is it all about? So let me share my experience as I begin exploring. Started using Pinterest today after receiving a very kind invite from a member of Banbury Business […]

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Is the introduction of NFC around the corner?

NFC is a technology being spoken about a lot at the moment , but is it likely to be implemented into smartphones any time soon? Speculations of the potential of NFC have been whispered to consumers, and large corporations, like Sony and Blackberry, seem to be moving in to intergrate it into their hardware. So what is NFC? It’s a method of data transfer which is entirely contactless. Although similar tech has been used for some time now, like TFL’s Oyster cards, Near Field Communication has the capabilities for “sharing, pairing, and transaction”. (unlike the RFID chips of Oyster cards which are one-way only). There are some exciting and innovative things planned for […]

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3D websites

Back in March Firefox upgraded its developer tools to be more in-line with other browsers favoured by developers and designers out there. But they added something quite amazing in addition which renders the site you are looking at in 3 dimensions, this is pretty cool and you can really see a new perspective to the web and maybe new possibilities in how we may all be creating websites in the future. The images below are screen shots from my own 3D Website….OK its just my normal website but as viewed with the “Page Inspector 3D View” in Mozilla Firefox. Enjoy and have a look at your own 3d website through […]

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“OPEN SOURCE” Creativity

So what is “OPEN SOURCE”? Well as most of you know there is a huge amount of free applications, software and general stuff out there in the cloud and this tends to be known as “Open Source” or more loosely known as ….FREE! But this does not mean it is substandard as in some respects Open Source can mean that development wise you could have millions of people creating content and code for one platform in their spare time for no pay. So in the realms of creativity is there such a thing as “Open Creativity”? Well some companies allow their designers to take a day per week or per […]

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Google Apps… whats so great about that?

I started looking at Google Apps a few Months ago when a client of mine was raving about it and how it has so much for so little money, or in some cases for FREE*. So whats on offer? We all should know of the FREE* offerings from Google such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs, now think of them all integrated together and under your domain name and all for… FREE*!… Pretty cool eh! Now the FREE* version only allows you to have 10 email accounts (which is ample for a small business or organisation) and the email inbox size is limited to around 2gb which for most […]

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QR code scenarios to think about

So QR codes still seem to be a hot topic, so I have had a think and come up with some new scenarios to how you can use these little pixel superstars. Scenario 1 – Retail the closed shop So you are browsing around a town which you are visiting for the day and see a really interesting boutique which you would love to have a look around. As you cross the road you notice that the store is closed and will not be open again until 9am the following day and as you are only there for the day you wont be able to have a browse.

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