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deep linking

Should we use deep links to apps on mobile sites?

We all use apps on mobile devices and they work perfectly to link relevant content and usability. What about when you need to link to an app on a mobile device from your website? Deep Links to mobile apps It can be annoying to link to a browser when on a mobile device especially when you could link to an app like Facebook or twitter which is already on your device. This is where you need deep links which request permission from your device to open the app and then open the page or post within that app. For a more detailed look at deep links check out this post […]

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Website design for CMS, the best for your business…

Since 2002 I began my website design journey building small website for myself and others in HTML with the use of site building tools such as Adobe Go Live and Dreamweaver. With time came new technology and after a few years I started creating shockwave and flash animated sites until the revolution of using a CMS as a website platform. What is a CMS Website So a standard html website is built directly on your webspace and most of the details called by this sort of site are provided by 3 types of code files and imagery, these being html, css and javascript for example. The CMS however is a […]

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