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Website design for CMS, the best for your business…

Since 2002 I began my website design journey building small website for myself and others in HTML with the use of site building tools such as Adobe Go Live and Dreamweaver. With time came new technology and after a few years I started creating shockwave and flash animated sites until the revolution of using a CMS as a website platform. What is a CMS Website So a standard html website is built directly on your webspace and most of the details called by this sort of site are provided by 3 types of code files and imagery, these being html, css and javascript for example. The CMS however is a […]

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WordPress Security

WordPress Hacking Woes…

After starting my business in December 2010 the rise of general Hacking trying to infiltrate the standard WordPress CMS has grown exponentially. We all keep a lot of information and personal work within our websites so when it has been hacked it is heart breaking. I am always asked by clients “why would someone do this to me?” Well the main reason for a hack is normally to gain access to your information and in some cases to redirect your site to somewhere they feel will gain them money through advertising. Though I have encountered some hackers who just want recognition for their work which seems to be a breed that […]

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Mobile friendly day

Tuesday 21st April is the day when Google has finally said all websites should be mobile friendly to receive more beneficial ranking. Yes that’s it Google have released another update and to be honest its a pretty sensible one as more and more of your traffic on the internet is now entering via a mobile device. As website providers we at Sorbrook for the last 2 years have been supplying responsive website to our clients which are optimised to be used on mobile devices making them instantly mobile friendly. But even some of the biggest websites out there have not made their own websites mobile friendly, some of these are […]

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Sorbrook Training

After receiving training in various forms for both work and my volunteer activities I have now made the bold decision to give something back and realise the dream of being able to train and teach people what I do. So a new string to the Sorbrook bow is WordPress Training which will commence from Wednesday 30th October where I will offer a maximum of 4 people per training day the opportunity to take control of their WordPress website. The outline of the Training Workshop named “Hands on” WordPress Workshop is to cover the basics as well as provide a little more information in regards to the added functionality available. You […]

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