Complete Brand Design

We breath brand design and love the consistent flow of a well produced mark.
The logo maybe what we all recognise a business or organisation by but we like to think of the big picture. The whole journey to a well developed and recognised brand design is creative and changeable so the best way to start such a journey is to have someone with you who knows what they are doing.

Our main aim is for you to absolutely love your brand so that you are confident that your clients will. With this achieved we then provide you with the tools to ensure that your new brand design stays true and consistent as without this recognition tends to reduce.

Brand design across all media
Your brand needs to be used on all media so we ensure you can, people like to see your brand reflected in a similar way wherever they roam and with today’s marketing extents this can be anywhere.

Providing you with every format known to human kind is what we aim to do. Once you are happy and you love your new brand design we will provide a comprehensive collection of files so it can be used for everything you need to brand.

The Simple Stuff
We like things simple so along with using the powerful WordPress platform we use premium themes for your website and then adjust their branding and  functionality to suit your wishes. Designing a theme from scratch or re-writing the book would firstly cost you thousands and you would encounter issues as the platform updates.

To make things simple for you we are completely prepared to sit down with you once the site is completed and give you a couple of hours training. This can also be done remotely via Skype if this is easier to cover greater distances.

Example Brand Design

Our Working Process

Step 1 - We Begin...

Lets have a chat, grab a coffee and get to know you

This gives us chance to realise the idea you have and get some specific notes about not just your website design idea,but also who you are.

Step 2 - We Calculate

We will send you a quote for the packages we think you will love

So you can have time to think things through we will send you a written quote so you can mull things over or discuss with others.

Step 3 - You like our price 🙂

YOU have chosen Sorbrook!

You like what we have said and you have sent us a deposit to start work, so now we will put together a static layout of what your site could look like giving us time to tweak the website design and make a few design changes before we start building.

Step 4 - Lots of love for our design

You love our design!

This may not happen straight away but in over 70% of our clients it has. Don’t worry if the first design is not quite right, this is why we produce an initial static design as this is sooooo much easier to make changes to rather than a built website.

Step 5 - Lets make this thing...!

The design is final, Lets push the button!

We now get out our tools and start to build, just so you can see what’s happening we will also give you a login to have a sneak peek. It is important at this stage for you to send us as much content as possible as you are the expert about what information you would like on your website.

Step 6 - Just a few tweaks

Its nearly there….Could you just change this?

Don’t be scared to ask for tweaks and changes as we want you to love your finished website.

Step 7 - Gonna get myself connected

Its nearly there lets get connected

We will set up your email addresses either in person or remotely and we will even send you details on how you can set this up yourself just in-case you would like to access the email on other computers. Don’t worry though we are on the end of the phone if you are having problems.

Step 8 - Its ALIVE!

Its Finished! Lets Go Live!

All done… so we will now make the necessary transfers to make your new site visible.

Step 9 - Its not all over....

Nots soooo fast now…… One last thing

We will now train you how to take control of your shiny new website to ensure it grows, thrives and survives out there in the wild.


The bars below show our experience in the common services which we offer, please always get in contact to ask if there is something you think we might not do

Brand Concept
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Social Media Branding
Image Format & Optimisation
Colour Selection

Do you have questions?.....Shall we chat?