Facebook “Like Box” is due to disappear!


Facebook “Like Box” is due to disappear!

I have seen and created sites which utilise the Facebook “Like Box” to engage with people on a website to urge people to like a Facebook page. If used well these can not only display your number of likes and faces of the people that like your page but they also can display your post feed and tell you if any of your friends like the page also.

Well The Facebook Like Box is about to be no more!

With the release of Facebook Graph APi v2.3 the Like Box plugin will become deprecated and thousands if not millions of websites around the world will end up with a blank hole where it used to be by June 23rd 2015

Facebook Like Box

facebook-page-pluginThere is hope!

In the form of a replacement plugin directly from Facebook to replace the Like Box which is called – Page Plugin.

This plugin now incorporates the cover image from your page along with those lovely faces of your liker’s and options to show posts, remove the cover image and remove the smiling faces of your likes.

I personally think its an improvement but it does mean more changes and some people will not be aware of this.

To find the new “Page Plugin” page you can follow the link below:


By all means if you have any questions about implementing this plugin please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or via our contact page.