Instant Chat should be a primary contact method for your website


Instant Chat should be a primary contact method for your website

For a number of years, we have enjoyed contacting support services using instant chat. There just seems to be something satisfying about talking to someone in real time whilst they sort out your problems.

So is instant chat right for your website?

This has been adopted by many different styles of website which puts their customers in charge when asking questions or support. But you need to be able to ensure that there is someone on the other end of the instant chat when requested.

You need to choose the right solution for your website.

We currently use Slaask which is great not only does it place a friendly picture of your choice in the bottom right of your site but it also connects to Slack. This is the biggest chat communication application out there for business and allows you to use any device to keep the chat going.

It’s not a hindrance it’s a business maker!

Don’t be drawn into the whole theory that you have to be sat next to your computer to keep your instant chat online as its not true. As I explained before most instant chat applications are cross-platform so you could be down the Gym and answer a message as easily as replying to a text message. Then carry on the conversation when you get back to the computer at the office.

Don’t be put off by some strange questions you will get from far away countries trying to engage in partnership programs. This will soon tail off and you will be back to talking to the people you want in a short amount of time. If you decide to use Slaask it will even let you know straight away when messages are coming from places that you don’t normally deal with. This can give you a heads up on how much time you want to be conversing with them.