17th July 2019 sshepherd

Managing Passwords with a password manager

Today we are constantly bombarded by so many people saying we need to have super-secure passwords and to ensure we don’t use the same password twice.

So how many passwords do you use?

Does it equate to the number of sites and apps you need to sign into?

If you only have a few passwords and hundreds of sites and apps you need to sign into you may be leaving yourself open to attack.

Hundreds of sites to sign into!

If like me you have hundreds of sites you need to sign into you may want to look into using a password manager. This may sound like security issue but apps that do this for you can offer the highest security and in some cases, this can be more secure than your bank account.

I have been guilty in the past of using a single password for several different sites but this had to change to heighten security as my business depends on it.

What is a password manager?

So you may or may not have heard about password managers, but in simple terms, these are web applications which store your passwords securely. The security of these apps can stem from a simple password or sentence to secure details or even 2-factor authentication via a mobile app or text.

Password managers can either be set to self fill in user and password fields or they can be set so they just provide a password when you sign in and have a look.

I have been using a manager for my passwords now for over 4 years and I have tried a few over this time.

You can find some more details on password managers at Pixel Privacy

Which Password Manager do I recommend?

I have been using the LastPass application over the last few years which is free to use and can provide you with what you need to achieve the password for each of the sign-ins that will make everything super secure.

Last Pass

Do password managers get hacked?

Well at the end of the day if someone wants to access something really bad they will eventually find a way so it is worth keeping everything you can up to date. If you have a password manager keep everything secured on your PC or Mac as this can be a weak spot if not updated.

here are a few pointers on how to keep everything secure from Forbes –

Password Managers Have A Security Flaw — Here’s How To Avoid It