Mobile friendly day


Mobile friendly day

Tuesday 21st April is the day when Google has finally said all websites should be mobile friendly to receive more beneficial ranking.

Yes that’s it Google have released another update and to be honest its a pretty sensible one as more and more of your traffic on the internet is now entering via a mobile device. As website providers we at Sorbrook for the last 2 years have been supplying responsive website to our clients which are optimised to be used on mobile devices making them instantly mobile friendly.

But even some of the biggest websites out there have not made their own websites mobile friendly, some of these are as follows:

The Official website for the European Union

David Beckham’s Website

The Scottish National Party



You can see more on Business Insider UK

Check your website here to find out if your website is mobile friendly

For more information please visit – http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/rolling-out-mobile-friendly-update.html