Template Website

Build - Brand - Host
Half the time, reduced price!

Template Website Solution

Do you want a website quickly?

Instead of going through the whole design process, we can provide a simple template website which is branded with your logos, colours, content and imagery.

You can update a current website which is currently HTML or on another platform easily. Just let us know your website link and the type of template you would like to use and we can do all the rest.

We use the premium theme Xtra for our WordPress template websites, speak to us to find out what templates are available as there are around 80.

No design fees so a greatly reduced price

The only design is your brand, colour and content

With a template site, we move with the layout of the theme and only change colouration and branding before adding your content and images.

This means that you only pay the all-in price of £850 for a responsive WordPress website with awesome hosting and training on how to use it on completion.

Websites built on a template can be completed within 3 weeks as long as your content is ready to go.

The Simple Stuff

We provide easy solutions so along with using the powerful WordPress platform we use premium themes for your website and then adjust their branding and functionality to suit your wishes. Designing a theme from scratch or re-writing the book would firstly cost you thousands and you would encounter issues as the platform updates.

To make things simple for you we are completely prepared to sit down with you once the site is completed and give you a couple of hours training. This can also be done remotely via Skype if this is easier to cover greater distances.