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The main aim we have for a clients website design is that they will love it when completed and they have the amount of control they want to manage their site going forward.

This is achieved by the way we use the WordPress platform and provide enough customisation so that updates are easily achieved. We not only want your site to be beautifully designed but we like to ensure you have amazing functionality paired with excellent user experience.

All websites need to be mobile friendly

This is a given and quite an old rule now so we like to keep up with the times and ensure we are on the right side of the usage stats. This post from Hubspot provides some good information about how you can position your website for the best benefit – The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018 (Source:

We only create responsive websites to ensure that you benefit from the more favourable ranking of mobile-friendly websites.

We like to be straight with you

So we like to send you a definitive price for your project and if there are extras we will let you know straight away, you shouldn’t have to have a rolling budget for the job so we only charge the price we quote.

In some cases we may need to advise you of options which could be out of scope for your current quote, we will let you know about this as soon as we know about it and this should not impact on you getting your website.

The Simple Stuff

We provide easy solutions so along with using the powerful WordPress platform we use premium themes for your website and then adjust their branding and functionality to suit your wishes. Designing a theme from scratch or re-writing the book would firstly cost you thousands and you would encounter issues as the platform updates.

To make things simple for you we are completely prepared to sit down with you once the site is completed and give you a couple of hours training. This can also be done remotely via Skype if this is easier to cover greater distances.


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