Shop Locally for Your Website and save thousands!


Shop Locally for Your Website and save thousands!

yell-websiteJust to make people aware…

I have just had a look at the Yell Business website and I can’t believe that they offer you a website for such an expensive package.

Check it out via this link – http://business.yell.com/websites/

So you have to pay £399 upfront and then £65 per month after this which amounts to £1179 in your first year, this sounds a little pricey to me but thousands of small businesses take them up on it.

Not only that but you will then carry on paying £780 every year to keep it going.

So why don’t businesses go with small local webdesign companies to sort out their on-line presence they would save thousands of £’s.

The basic entry package from Sorbrook would cost you £545 and then a £97 renewal fee each year after which amounts to £933 over 5 years which compares quite favourably to Yell who would quite happily take 4299 of your hard earned pounds in the same amount of time. I should imagine that many local webdesign companies would be able to offer sites around the £500 mark and would offer a fantastic, local personal service to boot.

I know Yell offer other whistles and bells with their package but hey us local guys are about personal service so we can offer these services for a little extra cost or even as a freebie and if having a Yell package means they log you favourably with their directory just be aware that you want people to find your website not Yell’s.

This is not a ploy to grab business from Yell it is just a plea to you small business owners out there to check out some of us highly creative and experienced webdesign businesses in your local area before using the corporate option.

Some small businesses when they start up don’t want the hassle when setting up so they go for these packages to save time, don’t do it! do your research and save yourself some money and you never know the connection you make with your new web-designer may increase you business network in other ways.