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Should we use deep links to apps on mobile sites?


Should we use deep links to apps on mobile sites?

We all use apps on mobile devices and they work perfectly to link relevant content and usability.

What about when you need to link to an app on a mobile device from your website?

Deep Links to mobile apps

deep linkingIt can be annoying to link to a browser when on a mobile device especially when you could link to an app like Facebook or twitter which is already on your device. This is where you need deep links which request permission from your device to open the app and then open the page or post within that app.

For a more detailed look at deep links check out this post on Tech Crunch this is a few years old and is still relevant.

So why are deep links better?

Mobile apps are developed to provide a better user experience rather than accessing the full version through a web browser. This can sometimes provide too much information for the average user and an unfamiliar experience to what they normally enjoy from their mobile device.

So how do you change to deep links?

Some sites may find that this will make no difference to the user experience but there are others who could make huge increases in engagement.

Deep links are a mixture of java script and html but they link through to your installed app on your phone, this will be different depending on your device. Adding links like this will signify a different way of working as you are no longer working with a responsive site but you are now looking at a mobile native application.

More information on implementing this can be found here