Skeuomorphic design


Skeuomorphic design

Well the other week when “Apple” announced the upcoming “iOS 7″ was being released later this year a strange and wonderful word was banded around… Skeuomorphic design…What the?

It seems that this is the thing which “Apple” are trying to come away from in their latest UI design, so I know it is an epic! and hench! word but basically its what they are trying to shelve.

So what is “Skeuomorphic”?

To start with it has been an age old challenge to design and create things which reflect real life as closely as possible, this is the basis of Skeuomorphic or making stuff look like stuff. If you produce a button on a website or an app the urge has always been to create life like bevelling and drop shadows though now it looks like the big guys out there in the world are looking at going flat with their design.



As Apple products have become more and more high resolution to the point where they are now optical / “Retina” (pixels are not visible to the naked eye) they have been ensuring that they keep all Skeuomorphs up to date which I noticed when they brought out the higher res screens for the iPhone 4s. The shadows for all app icons had changed from the original black to a mid grey to reflect real life and create a soft shadow.


So is there still a place for Skeuomorphic design? well this has been explored today in the latest blog on Design Week have a read here