The Good and Bad of Website Hosting


The Good and Bad of Website Hosting

So over the years, website hosting has been my biggest outlay for a small business providing clients with all they want for a great online service. But over the years there has been some corkers and stinkers when it comes to hosting.

website hostingWebsite Hosting by third-party companies

When I started out in 2002 with my first venture I had some friends in the business of hosting websites and email. This was great as all I had to worry about was the creative side of the business. If a problem occurred all I had to do was pick up the phone or drop an email to them and my hosting friend would sort things out for me.

My own VPS or Virtual server

This venture for hosting my own websites started out well, but I soon found out that this is not for the faint-hearted. Hacking woes, DDOS attacks and spam mail being sent from my server are a few things which caused an immense amount of worry and stress.

After a while, I decided that this was not for me and thought that a virtual server may be the answer again this came with all the above woes. I ended up with a subscription to MX Toolbox to ensure that my server was not blacklisted each week. They also didn’t tell me that I was fully responsible for my own updates and extra config on the server, wow! no idea what I am doing!

Another thing I found out about clients who were using VPS, they would approach me with websites that had been hacked for help to recover them. This came from the issue of support and the client not knowing how to support there Virtual Private Server.

Specific WordPress managed hosting

This seemed to be my hosting savior! Being able to set up WordPress installs without the problems seemed too good to be true. Any problems I just got on to instant chat and things were sorted extremely quickly.

Some of the best hosting companies out there for this are as follows:

20i – www.20i.com

I have just started using these guys and they have been awesome, easy setup and excellent value for money! They also provide easy to setup email too which was an amazing bonus as some of my clients still need a mailbox as part of my service.

WP Engine – www.wpengine.co.uk

I have worked with WP Engine for nearly 3 years now and their support and service is second to none. This service comes at a cost though so not for those on a budget if you are looking for a bulletproof solution I would wholeheartedly recommend them. No email here so its best to recommend Gsuite or MS 365 to your client here.

Flywheel – www.getflywheel.com

The feedback I get from other people is hugely glowing for this hosting company and again it appears that you need to pay the price for this. I have not used them so cannot really provide any advise.

Please feel free to get contact if you have any questions about website hosting and we can point you towards some good people. Also, we will make sure you avoid the ones that really suck!