Website design for CMS, the best for your business…


Website design for CMS, the best for your business…

Since 2002 I began my website design journey building small website for myself and others in HTML with the use of site building tools such as Adobe Go Live and Dreamweaver. With time came new technology and after a few years I started creating shockwave and flash animated sites until the revolution of using a CMS as a website platform.

What is a CMS Website

So a standard html website is built directly on your webspace and most of the details called by this sort of site are provided by 3 types of code files and imagery, these being html, css and javascript for example.

The CMS however is a management system for content meaning in most situations it requires a database to store information, code, files, and images. The benefit of this is that your content is catalogued and a user interface provides you with access to change areas of your site in a relatively simple and controlled way.

My CMS of choice for Website Design

Well there are lots of choices out there when it comes to a CMS or Content Management System you could use a Microsoft centric solution like Umbraco or you could check out the many other options available which are coded in PHP.

I personally like the idea of using open source platforms to take advantage of the whole world of expertise, you may have heard of a few of them such as Drupal, Joomla, Modx, Concrete 5 and my favourite which this blog is being written in WordPress.

How it all started

In the past I have managed and edited content on Joomla, Umbraco and created web parts for Sharepoint but by far the easiest and most intuitive platform was WordPress.

I decided to try the platform out on a volunteer organisation website I was part of initially and I was amazed at how easy and flexible the platform was to create and manage pretty much anything I wanted to on the website.

Website design also seemed to be a breeze and I was quickly realising that I could create almost any layout I wanted for client sites and with the addition of trusted plugins I was also able to achieve high levels of functionality.

So why would a CMS website benefit me?

Its simple really, ease of use and the ability to manage your own content and when you pair this with an amazing host platform like WP Engine you are flying.

WordPress websites tend to be very SEO friendly and with plugins you can enhance how your site is found through all channels even social.