Windows 10 is coming


Windows 10 is coming

Windows-10-upgrade-screenWindows 10 the new operating system from Microsoft is being released at the end of next month – 29th July

To remind you of this if you are running Windows 7 or 8.1 you will find a windows icon in your tool box (bottom right of your screen) offering the Free upgrade to Windows 10 when it becomes available.

So as a small business do I take the plunge head first into a new operating system?

Or should I bide my time and await feedback from the wider public on release?

I personally loved Windows XP and when Windows Vista came a long and I jumped right in. At that time I worked for a large company who are a Microsoft Gold Partner, which gave me early access to products for testing purposes – thus being able to use the product before the general public and to also use the top version. Now Vista was a new experience and was loved to start with until flaws became apparent in the shear size and bulkiness of the operating system which led to start up issues and just general clunkiness.

This led to huge corporations and big business sticking with previous Windows version that everyone saw as good old and trusty…..   Until……

Windows 7 appeared which for me was a breath of fresh air and I upgraded my operating system straight away to find it was a nice, new and streamlined operating system which I had hoped Vista was going to be originally.

So now with some people still hammering away at Windows XP and windows 7, should we up-grade?

Well I for one will be testing Windows 10 before my main working PC is upgraded by using my laptop as a Guinea Pig which will have no real impact on current jobs and programs as I suspect with my main workstation there could be alot of rebuilding once the upgrade has been installed.

I then foresee about a months worth of testing before I take the plunge.

Let me know what you think of Microsoft’s new offering.

Is it too good to be true?

Would you wait a few months before deployment in your business?

To find out more information about Windows 10 please click here