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New Tax Year – WordPress Cleanup, WordPress Support


New Tax Year – WordPress Cleanup, WordPress Support

The new tax year is almost here so as well as getting your finances sorted it is also a great time once the dust has settled to take a look at your WordPress website.

House Keeping

wordpress updates

Its time to brush off those cobwebs and start making those updates to plugins, themes and the all important WordPress platform update. These can sometimes be daunting but if you take the right precautions these will be done in a snap. Updates are extremely important when it comes to WordPress as the code is open source which means it is open to everyone to develop with. Though there are millions of super stars out there creating and coding for an awesome experiences on the platform there are also some evil villains who want to access your data and take over.

manage wordpress usersMake sure all of your users are current user, its really simple to remove old users and transfer the posts or content details to another user. Leaving old users on your site can make it vulnerable to attack and also avoid the dreaded user name “Admin” like the plague.

Update your password to increase security, struggling to remember passwords why not use a browser app like Passpack or LastPass these are really useful and an incredibly secure way to remember all of your website passwords.

If you need a hand get in touch at WordPress Support – #wordpresssupport

Heavy Images

wp smush results

Make sure images are not weighing down your website. Most photos on websites are now taken by smart phones and these images are no longer a few kilobytes. The latest iPhone 8 can take photo’s at 12 mega pixels which can produce huge memory hungry images. We use an amazing little plugin called Smush which optimises your images on your site and also ensures when you are uploading new images they are compressed so that they don’t slow down your WordPress website.

You can download Smush from the WordPress Repository here or you can search for the plugin when adding new ones in your admin area.

Show off your news and blog

So if you have lots of valuable info that you write about how are you getting it out there?

If you create news posts or write a blog you need to publicise your content, its your way of identifying yourself  as an expert in your field. So if you don’t optimise or share your posts no one will be able to see them unless they are regular viewers of your site content.

When you share across social networks ensure you use each one to their full advantage, remember a post in Twitter or Instagram may not translate well in Facebook or Linked In. Make the best use of your @ symbols and # hashtags.

If you need a hand get in touch at WordPress Support – #wordpresssupport

Struggling with WordPress? Speak to WordPress Support

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We all know that when something seems a bit complicated we sometimes tend to have a head buried in the sand moment. Don’t put things off and make sure you get to grips with your WordPress site straight away, keeping your content up to date and relevant is extremely important to ensure you get engagement.

Training is available from Sorbrook and we are currently building a new website dedicated to WordPress Support www.wordpresssupport.co.uk